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The Only Fanny Pack, Blanket, & Hand Warmer All-In-One!

Keep-N-Cozy goes virtually anywhere you go! It fits comfortable around your waist or over your shoulder. There are pockets lined with our exclusive ultra-soft velvet, keeping your hands cozy and warm!

Keep-N-Cozy 3-in-1 - Keep-N-Cozy

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100% Premium Quality

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Fast Shipping & Easy Returns

3 - IN - 1

Fanny Pack

Store your phone, wallet, and more in the easy-to-access pocket right in front!


Stay cozy wherever you go with the amazingly soft fleece blanket that folds out!

Hand Warmer

Hand warmer pockets lined with our exclusive ultra-soft velvet will keep your hands warm!

Perfect for Outdoors & Indoors!

Take your Keep-N-Cozy to the beach to lay out on a sunny day or spread it out for a picnic blanket at the park!


Grab your Keep-N-Cozy when you are heading out to the movies or relaxing at home!


It's easy to pack up and take to your favorite event!


See The Keep-N-Cozy In Action!

A Must-Have For Evenings Outside

The perfect accessory for sitting around the fire with friends!

Different Color Options

Six colorful variations to choose from that everyone will love!

Great Gift For The Entire Family

Need some weekend plans? Grab your fur babies, your favorite movie and Keep-N-Cozy!

An Option For Every Style!

Here's what our customers are saying!

"So easy to carry and warm! I took it to two hockey games and it was perfect! Love the pocket to put my keys and phone so I don't have to carry a huge bag to watch my hubby play hockey."

Ariellen B.

"I love it! My wife keeps it 60 degrees all the time and my office gets the bulk of the airflow... it's freezing in here! She walked in and busted me staying warm with my Keep-N-Cozy! It works awesome!"

Ryan H.

"Looking forward to using our Keep-N-Cozy's this upcoming deer season! ❤️ "

Amanda T.

The Story

We hope that this product brings warmth, style, convenience, and keeps you cozy in any situation.

20 years ago, while out in the cold watching wildlife, I found myself freezing and wishing I had a blanket and a place to warm my hands.

A product that could serve as a blanket, a hand warmer, hold my belongings, and could be easily portable simply did not exist.

Fast forward many years later; I shared this idea with a good friend, and just like that, we became business partners and created the revolutionary Keep-N-Cozy.



In the rare event that you become absolutely too cozy with your Keep-N-Cozy and wish to return to less cozy days of the past, send it back to us within 30 days of delivery and we will refund you no questions asked!

Keep-N-Cozy 3-in-1 - Keep-N-Cozy

Sold out

45% OFF SALE: Use Code CYBERMONDAY At Checkout!
Free Shipping On Orders Over $50!